Explore Advanced Smart Lighting Solutions in Auckland NZ

Intelligent lighting solutions are among the many great features of a complete home automation system. Traditional home lighting devices and systems come with dimmer switches that allow you to adjust light intensity for different tasks and moods.

Others have timers for setting lights on/lights off schedules, which can be useful as theft deterrent, especially when going away for certain periods of time. With smart lighting Auckland NZ solutions, you get all the benefits of traditional home lighting devices and so much more. Adding home lighting automation NZ to your smart home will not only help you customise lighting settings more conveniently, but also enable you to save more energy through smarter lighting settings. Below are other enticing benefits of smart lighting Auckland NZ to help you decide on the best home automation system for your household:

  • Full customisation – With smart lighting solutions, you can remotely adjust lighting settings in your home with just a few taps on your tablet or smartphone. Scheduling lights to turn on shortly before you come home and to turn off once everyone has left is also a major convenience benefit of installing smart lighting systems in your smart home. Advanced intelligent lighting solutions also enable you to create custom lighting settings and blends to suit your needs, whether it be for light reading, movie nights, or office work.
  • Energy savings – The best smart lighting Auckland NZ solutions also include intelligent lighting apps that give you the ability to specify energy saving settings for different areas of your home or replicate lighting settings for every room in order to maximise savings.
  • Convenient installation –Contrary to what many believe, smart home lighting solutions are not difficult to install. In fact, you don’t need a complete electrical overhaul just to install smart automated lights. Today’s, technology has evolved enough to make installation as user friendly and quick and easy to install as possible.

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